About Örebro

The Castle of Örebro

Within the thick walls of Örebro Castle, many chapters in Sweden’s history have been written. Today, the former royal castle has become one of Örebro’s biggest attractions.
The castle was built as a simple defense castle with a prison. During the Vasa period (1521-1610), it was rebuilt into a magnificent royal castle where many decisive events in Sweden’s history took place. Today it is the residence of the governor and an open and lively castle all year round.  

On Friday evening we are inviting all the participants to a dinner at the castle. The gates are opened for a pleasant evening together in one of the castle’s beautiful halls.

City Life

Shop, stroll, have coffee at the castle and explore the city’s sights. Örebro is a lively city center with a unique range of shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and culture that together create a city full of life and experiences. Welcome here to discover your favorites!

Nature close by

Nature is always close by. The vast nature area of Kilsbergen rises to the west, the forests of Bergslagen spread out to the north and the wilderness of Tiveden lies in the south. There are two national parks (Tiveden and Garphyttan) close by and two of Sweden’s largest lakes, Hjälmaren and Vättern. 

For those who want to experience the nature in the city you can take a walk to the beautiful City Park. The city park has been named Sweden’s most beautiful park – and even Europe’s fifth most beautiful park. Here you can go for a walk, have a coffee and enjoy the beautiful enviroment. The city park is about 8 hectares in size and consists of several flourishing gardens and hiking trails. Here you can also find Wadköping that with its wooden houses and farms, Wadköping depicts Örebro’s older buildings, urban environment and residents. Here there are museums, exhibitions, cafes and restaurants, woodturners, trade stalls and many other exciting shops and craft towns.

Örebro University Hospital

The year for the foundation of a hospital in Örebro can be set to 1778 or 1781, although the prehistory stretches back even further. Örebro University Hospital (USÖ) is one of Sweden’s seven university hospitals and forms part of Region Örebro’s county operations. The hospital has approximately 3,600 employees spread over 32 clinics and other units (2009).

Sweden’s best university hospital 2018 and 2019 Örebro University Hospital has won Dagens Medicin’s prestigious award Best University Hospital two years in a row. In the prestigious category Medical quality, USÖ took home three years in a row: 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The University of Örebro

The establishment of the medical school at Örebro university in 2011 was the result of a long-standing vision shared by the young university and Region Örebro County.

The regional ALF agreement from 2015, when the first ALF funding was received, addressed the framework and organisational structure for the ALF collaboration, the joint commitment for health are development, clinical research and the medical education program.

Clinical research of good quality and international relevance and with a subject width to support healthcare, university education and continuing medical education for all health care professions is a prerequisite for that commitment. Internationally outstanding research is supported and aimed for in selected areas in collaborations with all scientific areas of the university to strengthen the university in the international arena and providing possibilities for regional development.

Activities during your stay

After the conference ends on Saturday, activities will be offered. This is booked in connection with registration for the conference.

Running/walking around Örebro

Yoga Class

Dancing Class

More information about acitivites will presented here closer to the conference.